A Day In The Life + What I Ate

I’m not narcissistic enough to believe you’ll enjoy reading about the mundane details of our life. There is no plot and it mostly revolves around canceled plans, crying, gas pains, coffee, naps and food. We can all relate, right? At the very least, it is just a great way to practice writing with no burden of research.

Here’s what happened today:


I wake up to screaming.

Our 4 month old, Lilli, wakes up crying and nothing I do consoles her, so I take her to the nursery and change her diaper. She’s super smiley again so we go back to sleep.


Lilli wakes up again with the same noise. I can tell she’s uncomfortable or in pain. I try a diaper, burp her and then bicycle her legs to try to relieve her somehow. Nothing. Desperate, I wake Dave up who grabs the Gripe Water and gives her a little. It was a good look because a few minutes later she farts and starts smiling and blowing raspberries. Man that stuff is magical. We’re on our 5th bottle already!


Now the bedside lamps are on and we’re kind of “up” but we don’t feel like getting out of bed. Too chilly. So we crank the heat and snuggle. The dogs are being beggy and rambunctious so Dave offers to entertain Lilli while I take care of the pups. I’ve been mixing their dry food (Natural Balance) with some hemp oil and they love it! I let Zelda out and she comes back in on her own, then I take Brady on a leash. We don’t trust him anymore since his last great escape


I come back in and I’m freezing. I make some apple cinnamon instant oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of chia. I squeeze some lemon into a glass of spring water and add stevia. The dogs follow me as I scurry back to have a little breakfast-in-bed with Dave & Lilli.



Lilli is happily cooing and chomping on her hand. When I look down again she’s asleep! Apparently this is a new feature of her being 17 weeks old. She’s suddenly fighting her naps tooth and nail but then catches a lot of “junk sleep” just when you’re not looking and you just have to roll with it.



I’m waiting to hear back about a get-together with a friend so we start getting Lilli bundled up and ready to go on an quick adventure. We head to Starbucks.img_1704 Yes, I hate that we fund this big corporation but its also very convenient to not have to get Lilli in and out of the car seat. You can not beat a drive thru. They built it right down the road from us, it’s really unfair. I always make myself feel better about my sins by showing lots of monetary love to their vegan options and asking for “no plastic stoppers please” at the pickup window.



We head to the grocery store where Dave runs in to get tortillas for a tofu scramble brunch. I try to entertain Lilli in the car (she’s got the hiccups and she’s pissed about it). It’s overcast and chilly. I see a lot of cute happy couples bundled up and carrying coffees and suddenly it just feels like Christmas. I tune in to 95.1 to jam to some Christmas music and “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” is playing – one of my favorites. I’m sipping my hot coffee and it’s a perfect little moment.


Back home, we give Lilli a few drops of Gripe Water and her hiccups disappear instantly. I see a text from my friend that she has to bail on our date (get well soon Lisa!). I feel a little sad… but also a little relieved to not have to rush to make another trip out with Lilli. You mamas and daddys know: it’s not easy with a baby! I’m texting Lisa back and Lilli starts fussing. Fussing hard.


So I console her, feed her and then she’s passed out in the Mama Roo. Dave gets done making brunch and I get to enjoy my tofu scramble brunch with him in peace, which is rare.


I had 4 of them. No regrets.


Dave starts making music. I know I should take advantage of nap time so I bring my coffee along and start preparing to hang diapers to dry and do dishes. I text my mom to see if she still wants to go Christmas shopping this afternoon but she says she’s feeling too lazy.

Welp- so much for the dishes and laundry. Lilli is awake again! We play, have babble conversations and do tummy time.


Dave takes Lilli and I finish the dishes and laundry while I catch up on a new episode of Hidden Brain podcast. Shankar Vedantam is my boy.


Lilli plays in her activity center for a while while we encourage her to interact. She’s mostly focused on bouncing and chewing her fingers lately. Dave and I settle down to start watching a movie called Wind River. At first I’m not interested and try to do other things, but then I get sucked in… I love a good murder mystery/ thriller. And Elizabeth Olsen is a badass in this.


Dogs go out & get fed again. Lilli goes down for another nap. Taking advantage of it, I start chugging some water and putting on my running gear. I do a quick mile through the neighborhood. I tried an Apple Music playlist called “It’s LIT” but no …it was not. So I listened to “Technical Brutality” on the way back. Much better \m/ The cold doesn’t burn my throat as badly as yesterday but I do realize I need to start wearing gloves. Brr! By the time I get back Lilli is up.


We finish watching Wind River while Lilli eats and then falls asleep on me. There is a snowstorm throughout the whole movie and it’s really getting me into a cozy wintertime mood. Despite the murder, of course…


Dave starts dinner while Lilli and I play. We work on sitting up and chit chat together. More tummy time. Then she plays in the baby gym while we eat.



We tune in to the Patriots game then take care of the dishes. We need a clean sink so Lilli can have a bath! After her bath and coconut oil massage we read and Dream Animals and Little Owl’s Night and she goes to bed. We’ll probably sneak out and have more snacks tonight before we actually go to bed with her.

Hope you all had a great lazy Sunday too!

3 thoughts on “A Day In The Life + What I Ate

  1. I love day in the life posts!
    Haha, I like the term “junk sleep” – that’s funny (and accurate!)
    “There is a snowstorm throughout the whole movie and it’s really getting me into a cozy wintertime mood. Despite the murder, of course…” – LOL, I can totally relate to this.
    Thanks for sharing your day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful blog! Love the photos and all the natural stuff. You’re my kinda family. I’m trying to figure out how to follow you. I always have issues with the techie stuff.


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